Audition For June


Are you between the ages of 18 and 24 and want to sing for a living?  June may be for you.  We are looking for the most talented and skilled singers from around the United States to form the next a cappella supergroup.  How does it work?  First, you apply using the instructions below.  If you are chosen, you’ll work with a team of experts over the winter and spring to arrange and learn an entire album’s worth of music.  Finally, you’ll go to a retreat (location TBH) for an entire month in–you guessed it– June to rehearse, film, and record. You’ll be primed and ready to headline festivals, get gigs, blow up social media, and thrive in general.

If you are accepted into the group, all of your travel, housing, and grocery expenses will be covered. There is no application fee.

To qualify, you must be a high school graduate between the ages of 18-24 as of June 1, 2020. You must be able to devote 2-5 hours to music preparation between January and May, 2018. This can be done wherever you are– it is not location specific. You must also commit to being in residency with the group for an entire month in June, 2020. Finally, you have to want to be in a professional vocal group thereafter, which means being open and available to travel for gigs, rehearsals, recording, filming, etc.

Audition in 3 Easy Steps

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    Create Your Audition Video

    Please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

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    Fill Out The Audition Form

    Be accurate and as detailed as possible! Applications are due October 31.

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    Wait A Bit

    We’ll advise all applicants of their status by November 30.

Video Instructions

To audition, please create a video and upload to YouTube unlisted.  Applications are due by midnight EST on October 31.  Your video should contain the following:


Tell us your name, age, voice part, and where you live.

Primary Vocal Area

If you are a non-bass singer, please sing two 60-90 second solos a cappella.  Choose songs that fit your style, tone, and range.  No classical or musical theatre.

If you are a vocal percussionist, please do 3-4 minutes of freestyle beatboxing.  In addition, please do a straightforward example to a metronome set at quarter note=120 bpm.

If you are a bass, sing a 30-60 second bass line using bass syllables like dm, bm, etc.  Please also sing a 60-90 second solo.


Please start as low as you can sing and go as high as you can sing, even if it’s not as “nice” as the sweet spot of your range!  Please sing Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, Fa, Mi, Re, Do (123454321) on a neutral syllable (whatever is most comfortable for you).   You may accompany yourself on a piano or guitar for this portion.

Other Skills

If you are primarily a singer and also beatbox, please include a sample of that here.  If you have any other related skills like looping, songwriting, scat singing, throat singing, instrument imitation, etc, please include samples.  You may accompany yourself on this section if it is needed for demonstration.

Personal Statement

Why do you want to be in June?  What are your musical and career goals?  Would you be willing to drop everything to be in a professional vocal group if that became a possibility?  Please answer these questions to the best of your ability.