My name is J.D. Frizzell, and I’ve been involved with contemporary cappella since 2010.  During that time, I’ve worked tirelessly to create opportunities for singers, push the boundaries of the art form, empower directors to make their best music, and develop transformative events for people across the entire country.

If you want to find out more about the projects I’ve worked on, I encourage you to do so.  I am  the co-founder and president of the A Cappella Education Association, founder of the National A Cappella Convention, Artistic Director of OneVoice, Director of Fine Arts at Briarcrest Christian School, and Director of Marketing and Curriculum for Camp A Cappella.

June is a new concept, and I’m sure you have questions.  Check out the FAQ below or contact our team.

I hope you’ll consider auditioning for or supporting this exciting project!

Frequently Asked Questions

June is an incubator for professional vocal groups.  Each year, some of the top young singers are chosen to form a new group with a distinct sound, look, and style.  A team of experts works with them to create an album, music videos, and a full concert.
If you make June, you’ll have to devote between 2-5 hours per week to learning new music and working alongside the June team to develop your group’s sound from January through May.  You’ll be required to live and work 24/7 with the group the entire month of June.  After that, the group will decide when and how often to meet as they continue to seek gigs, perform, record, and promote themselves.
We started June to support the creation of new vocal art, plain and simple.  However, we plan on using a small percentage of “graduated” June groups’ income to support the program’s ongoing efforts.
In June we’re hoping to provide the foundation for a lifetime of music making for the members of our groups. Teenagers have been consistently producing some of the best art in a cappella recently. Lead by trained music educators, they are growing up in environments of high expectations.

Singers of this specific age are also becoming role models for future performers. June is designed to provide an opportunity for these young people to take their talents and passion and, in turn, inspire more young people to sing.

Eventually, yes. While we cover the costs of developing the group, no one will make any money until the group, well…makes money. When the new group starts to do gigs, each member will receive a portion of the money made by the group’s music and concerts.
Well, if you’re a talented, skilled, and driven singer or vocal percussionist– June needs you!  Hop on over to the audition page now.  If you are an a cappella specialist (engineer, arranger, etc.), we could use your help working with a new group one year.  If you just love a cappella and are excited about this revolutionary project, we’d love your financial support.
Each year:
Fall- audition a new group of singers.
Winter- develop a new sound and style and arrange pieces.
Spring- singers learn the music on their own.
Summer- the group comes together to rehearse, record, video, and perform.
June has applied to be a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity, which allows us to take artistic risks while protecting the team members and performers.  Team members and performers are technically contractors.
For most of the year, June is wherever the members are. They’ll learn music on their own and arrange things collaboratively. Lots of group messages and video conferencing. In June proper, the group will come together in Memphis, TN for a month straight.
Yes, you can still do your job or go to college after the month of June is over. However, you’ll be expected to fulfill contractual obligations like weekend gigs at a cappella festivals and other paid events.